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Columbus Hospice has been selected to become part of the Pet Peace of Mind program sponsored by the Banfield Charitable Trust. The groundbreaking program enables hospice patients to keep their pets at home with them throughout their end-of-life journey.  The Pet Peace of Mind program is unique to hospice care in that it targets hospice patients who are unable to maintain appropriate routine health care and nutrition for their pets because of financial and/or physical disability.


Vaccinations, grooming and flea control often go unattended without help. The Pet Peace of Mind Program will fund these needs. Columbus Hospice Volunteers will provide an integral part of the success of this program. They will transport the patient’s pet to and from the veterinarian and also the groomer if needed.

Volunteers will deliver dog and cat food and cat litter to the patient's home, too. The Pet Peace of Mind Program provides Columbus Hospice patients and caregivers the assurance that someone understands the role of their pets in contributing to their emotional and spiritual well-being. 

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